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We, at Domar doors, have been in the doors and hardware industry for 6 years, servicing Ottawa and the valley. We are a young, energetic, and optimistic company with big ideas, plans, and goals. We are a growing company, looking to satisfy all of our clients, to meet their needs in a timely and professional manner. We are a small company looking to expand and grow and become well established in Ottawa and the valley.

We look forward to making connections with as many clients as we can. and we hope you will become one of them. With us being a new company, we have new and innovative ideas to change the way the industry is run. The more experience we can gain through our client base, the more our company will grow and expand. Our goal is to be the "go to" door company in Ottawa and the valley, that all business  and property owners call. We want you to think of Domar doors when you need your doors replaced or repaired.



The removal consists of unhanging the old door, removing old hardware and if the old frame is filled with concrete or mortar, then a hammer drill will be used to break the frame away from the wall.


Installation consists of cleaning the debris from the removal process, and installing the frame to be level, plumb, and square. Then using a hammer drill, we drill holes in behind the frame, and use structural anchors to secure the new frame to the building. All exterior frames will be insulated for frost protection.

      PRODUCTS &                     HARDWARE.

Domar Doors uses only the highest quality products and hardware in the industry. We proudly provide all of our hardware with a one year warranty on manufacturer  defects. All of our material for installation are top of the line materials. Such as the caulking, insulation, spray foam anchors, wood backing and bracing, as well as the highest quality steel products for your door and frame.


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